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Chemicals, fuels, waste, sludge, biomass, cattle feed – whatever the material, Utodas can measure it. And more and more companies are realising how telemetry can boost their logistics performance. Our telemetry systems are suitable for virtually all types of solid and liquid bulk goods in tanks, containers and silos. That is why we operate in highly diverse sectors, ranging from the chemicals industry and automotive to agriculture and farming, waste management and transportation.

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With Utodas on your team, you have complete control of your logistics. You can use our telemetry solutions to view your customers’ current stock situation at any time from your own site. That data allows you to create your own schedule, optimise the use of your trucks and tankers, and substantially reduce your costs. For example, by supplying and relieving a group of customers in a certain region all at once.

As the market leader in the Benelux, Utodas constantly introduces innovations and optimises its products and services. Our measurement systems have evolved into a comprehensive solution in the last fifteen years: hardware, communication, a dashboard, installation and service. Systems are only effective when all parts work smoothly together.

More and more companies are realising how telemetry can boost their logistics performance

Is your sector not listed yet? That could just be a matter of time. In principle, Utodas’ telemetry solutions are suitable for any company working with bulk goods in tanks, IBCs, oil drums, waste containers and silos. Large or small, underground or overground, made from metal, plastic, wood, concrete or some other material. Utodas has a specific measurement solution for all goods – and if we do not, we will develop one.

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