Waste management

Waste management

Waste containers for paper, glass, clothing, PMC and household waste are not always filled equally quickly. A fixed collection schedule is therefore neither efficient nor universally applicable. By using Utodas’ online fill level monitoring system you will never be too early or too late again: you always know in advance which containers do or do not require action. You can use this information to optimise your transport planning and significantly reduce your logistics costs and CO2 and N2 emissions.

Our fill level monitoring system will always allow to know in time which containers do or do not require action


  • The Management Information System (MIS) within our web portal provides information about the fill level in the containers anytime. This helps you to optimally plan your transport routes and schedule movements between your site and the waste disposal centre.
  • Our MIS supports the Internet of Things (IoT), ERP systems and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).
  • Our systems operate autonomously and independently of existing internal networks and process control systems: this ensures data security and guarantees control integrity at the site.
  • Substantial savings of costs in terms of handling and transport movements, all for a low initial outlay.
  • A comprehensive solution for optimal convenience: hardware, communication, a web portal, installation and service. Systems are only effective when all parts work smoothly together. Systems are only effective when all parts work smoothly together.

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